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Top 2022 EASL Highlights

2022 Exeter Adult Softball League was a pretty good year year! Here are some 5 highlights of 2022!

1.) New Teams & Players - In 2020, there was 4 teams, as of 2022 it was up to 8. The league loves its new players and teams and hopes more will continue to join.

2.) New Field - While the field needs some work it was nice to find a field large enough to play on so close to township.

3.) New Ump of the Year Award - They take a lot of crap from players, but we want them to know the league appreciates them. Without them we could not play.

4.) Crushers wins 5th Straight Title - Crushers won the league for the 5th year in a row.

5.) New Website - A new league website, which also allows other teams to implement their own team site for the league.

There was some other new stuff in the league and lots of other memorable highlights but here was just a few.

Looking forward to 2023 season!

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