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2023 Season in Review: Crushers Wins 6th Straight.

The 2023 Exeter Adult Softball Season officially came to an end almost 2 weeks ago. Overall, I would say it was a success. The league had 10 teams, the most since 2012 and is quite a jump from just the 4 teams it had in 2020. Below is a list of each team breakdown and overall recap on the season.

  1. Crushers - Crushers earned the top seed in the regular season and won their 6th straight league championship. Not much to say. They have done what they normally do. We will see next year if they go for lucky 7.

  2. The Saiyans - The Saiyans finished 6th in the regular season with a 15-13 record but got hot in the playoffs. They upset DDST and won a thriller vs Whiskers in the semifinal. A talented team when have their main pieces.

  3. Whiskers Barbershop - Whiskers really improved during the regular season this year finishing 17-11 and showed they have a really good squad during the playoffs. despite losing the first game to the JRF Panther in the double elimination playoffs, they rallied to win 3 in a row only to lose a heartbreaker to the Saiyan's in the semifinal.

  4. MKS - MKS had a great regular season but struggled a bit in the playoffs. MKS finished 2nd in the league with a 21-7 record but was upset by Johnny and Hons in the first game of the playoffs. They responded winning 3 in a row but ran out of gas against Whiskers. MKS is a very talented team and were missing some key pieces during the playoffs. They have the ability to compete for a title.

  5. JRF Panthers - JRF Had its best regular season record since 2016. They finished 17-11 and defeated Whiskers in the first round of the playoffs. Unfortunately, after that gamer they lost a few pieces and struggled the next 2 games losing to MKS. A solid team that can surprise others when have all the pieces.

  6. Johnny and Hons - Johnny and Hons did not light the world on fire in the regular season but did have some big wins. They did put it together during playoff time, upsetting MKS in the first round. They ran into red hot Whiskers and The Saiyans that knocked them out. Overall, Johnny and Hons is solid veteran team that always plays tough in playoffs. They have a 2017 league title to their name.

  7. DDST - DDST had a great regular season. They finished 20-8 and knocked off Crushers a game and were the #1 seed for quite bit of the season. Unfortunately, the faltered down the stretch and lost to The Saiyans and MKS in the playoffs. A talented team that had a rough postseason. Will contend in the future they got too much talent.

  8. Dumpster Dudez - Was not the season the team had anticipated. They had to overcome losing quite a few key pieces throughout the season, but they seemed to play better at the very end.

  9. 10 West Pizzeria - Started off hot then cooled off. Team has some good talent but could not put it together consistently. Struggled in playoffs. Did have good win over MKS during regular season.

  10. The Average Joes - New Team with very little experience and it showed. Continued to play better as the season went a long. Has some good pieces they can build around for the future.

Suprise Team of the 2023 Season

Whiskers Barbershop - After a decent 2022 season, they really turned it up this year. Had a strong regular season and almost made it to the championship.

Underperforming Team of the 2023 Season

10 West Pizzeria - Despite a first-year team, they had some talent with good players that have played in other leagues. Results did not match talent level of the team. Expect a bounce back season next year.

2023 Game of the Year

Whiskers vs The Saiyans semifinal. Whiskers jumped up early, but the Saiyans came back to tie it and eventually take the lead. Whiskers battled back but fell one run short of the championship.

2023 Upset of the Year

Average Joes vs The Saiyan's - It was the Average Joes lone win, and it came against the runner ups.

To view the 2023 League all-star winners, you can click here

Despite tons of rain and random Canadian smoke the 2023 season was a success. Most teams could beat one another on any given night. Lets see what 2024 has in store!

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