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2023 Season Preview

Let's take a look at the upcoming season as it is underway. First we will start with returning teams:

Crushers - 5x in a row champions return a lot of the same core. Until someone knocks them off they will be the favorite.

Johnny and Hons - Won the championship in 2017. Have the same core group still from that team. A veteran team that if gets hot at the right time could make a run.

Whiskers Barbershop - Made the championship in 2020. The team has some real talented players on its roster. Enough talent to make a run.

Dumpster Dudez - Was known as KNB but returns most of the same core group of players from that team. Team is known for playing really good defense. If the bats get hot they could make a run.

JRF Panthers - Same core from last season that overachieved except for two losses and a couple new additions. The team is hoping to continue to get better and surprise some to make a run.

Now for the new teams...

MKS - The team has lots of experience with lots of them playing in the Muhlenberg league and some from Gorillas in the Mist last season. Has the ability to contend.

Saiyans - A solid core from the Mets last season plus some new players. Have the talent like a lot of other teams to contend.

DDST - New team with made up with a lot of great players that may have played for other teams in the past. Some believe they are the favorite to knock off Crushers.

The Average Joe's - Brand new team with not much experience. Some players are still learning about the game of softball. Does have some solid ball players as well. Looking to have fun, continue to get better and be competitive come playoff time.

Ten West Pizzeria - New team thrown together at last minute but does have a lot of experience. If chemistry comes together at the end of the season they could contend.

Overall the league is very competitive. While Crushers is the 5X Champion and league favorite. You could make an argument that every team feels like they have a chance.

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