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Meet the 2022 JRF Panthers Team - Pat Devine

Get to know Patrick Devine of the JRF Panthers Softball Team!!

Name: Patrick Devine

Nickname: Pat

Years Playing on Team: 1st Year

Position: Outfield

Hits: Right Handed

Jersey Number: 3

Favorite Beer to Drink at Softball Game: Miller Lite

Favorite Food: Tacos

If you could pick any song to walk up to bat too what would it be: Miracle - A Day to Remember

Hobbies outside of Softball: Working on cars and video games

Favorite Quote:

“Most of us are ultimately imperfect. But even if we make mistakes, terrible things…we can try to make things right. And that’s what matters…trying.“

Favorite thing about playing for the JRF Panthers: Has a true family feel, and just happy to get out, ball and forget about things for awhile.

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