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Will Anyone Stop Crushers from Winning a 4th League Championship?

With only 4 to 6 more regular season games to go, it’s about to be playoff time for the Exeter Adult Softball League. After playing a shortened season due to Covid-19 last season it was nice to have a full season back. So far this season Crushers has ran away with the regular season already clinching the #1 Seed with a record of 22-2. The next closest in the league are Keith Kemp 14-10, Whiskers Barber Shop 14-9 and JRF Panthers 15-12.

Once playoffs start it becomes a different game, while Crushers has far and away been the best team the past 3 seasons you could make a case that all the teams in the league could remain competitive and possibly steal a game come playoff time. Even BNJ, despite the poor season is a veteran team that has played lots of ball over the years. Only time will tell. The trophies are in and playoffs will begin soon.

The Exeter Adult Softball League playoffs are Wednesday, August 11th, Thursday, August 12th and Saturday, August 14th. All games will be on Facebook live via Black and Pink Media. You can learn more about the league at

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