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What's New in the Exeter League for 2022?

The 2022 season has already started. We already did a season preview and now we are going to highlight what may be new for the league in 2022. Below is a list of things.

1. More Teams - There was a time when the league had 12-14 teams back in the early 2000's (Possibly even more). Unfortunately, in the shortened 2020 Covid season there were only 4 teams. As of 2022, the league has now been built back up to 8 teams, which is a nice core of teams. With future goals of the ability to expand to 10.

2. A New Field - With 8 teams meant a new field needed to keep the games on

Monday and Wednesday nights. The new field added was Gibraltar Park in Birdsboro. This a good park with a fence, giving it the leagues 2nd fenced in field. It is also extremely close and gives the league 4 fields all within 4 miles and less than 10 minutes of one another.

3. A New Website - The league upgraded their website this year. You can check it out at

www. On the Website you will find the league schedule, standings, teams' rosters, previous league champions, all-stars, a link to updated league news and even a section for potential free agents to sign up whom may have interest in playing in the league.

4. More Article Coverage - The league looks to try and get some more press out about the league throughout the season.

5. Home Run Derby - The league plans to host a home run derby with the goal of 1

pitcher and hitter representative from each team. This will take place the Friday before the Saturday end of season tourney unless that day is used as a day to reschedule playoff games. The Pitcher and hitter winning combo of the home run derby will receive each receive trophy.

6. Ump of the Year Award - Here at the Exeter Adult Softball League we understand

the importance of umps. It is not an easy gig with sometimes taking an earful from teams. However, we couldn't have a league without them. The past years the league has voted on all-stars, coach of the year and Cy Young Award winner but this year a new award will be added to the league. It will be the "Ump of the Year Award" voted on by the league. We think it is about time the umps start getting some recognition too.

7. Extra's - Some extra things added this year were a new small storage site box at Lorane Elementary School and new bases as the last box was broken into torn apart and the bases were stolen. As of right now all fields have built in bases so no need to bring your own bags. All fields should be stocked with a strike zone mat, bases, plugs and dig out tool. The goal is to have the fields remain this way. The fields are taken care of by a

league individual who drags and lines the fields before each game day. By the end of the season all field will look to be weed free as well.

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