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What Could Be New for the Exeter Adult Softball League in 2023?

Each year the Exeter League looks to improve, and it is no different after 2022. While any rules changes would have to be discussed and be voted on at the annual league meeting, below are some things that will be worked on in the meantime.

1. Expansion (Adding Teams) - Conferences in college football are currently expanding and so is the Exeter Adult Softball League. The league hopes that all teams return but either way it looking to expand. The number the league is looking for is 12 teams. It is hoping it can reach that number in 2023 but if not definitely in the near future!

2. New Fields - The league will only add fields within a 5-mile radius. It Won't expand across the county for many reasons. Having all fields within 5 miles from one another makes it easier to monitor the league, easier for field to be dragged the day of games, and easier for players to get to a game if they accidently drive to the wrong field. Your only 5-10 minutes if this happens. The league is currently looking at all fields within the vicinity to examine if it is suitable to play (big enough), availability and cost to use.

3. New Equipment - The league will be upgrading to a bigger job box site at Lorane School and looking at new equipment and supplies to help with weeds growing in the infields at the fields. It will also get a new strike zone mat for Lorane school.

4. Possible New Fun - The league is looking to add an all-star game and home run derby. The questions remains when it would be best to host it and should a little money incentive be involved.

5. Looking for an intern or two - The league would like to bring on 1-2 interns or a couple people that don't play and would love to just be involved. The role would consist of up helping with social media presence, website, attending games to take photos and videos and interview players and coaches for more article coverage. If enough funds are raised could possibly pay a little stipend.

6. Another Fundraiser - The annual golf tournament is used to pay for someone to drag fields, update equipment and whatever is left over to help keep costs low. The goal is to one day not have a league fee and all teams just pay for umps. We know it is costly just to pay for umps. In order to do this and to keep up with increase costs and add more fun ideas, another fundraiser would help which is why the league is exploring a Super Bowl Block pool this year.

7. Have Fun - While adding new ideas and stuff is always cool and exciting, the main goal is for all teams to have fun!

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