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Week 3 EASL Recap

Things are starting to get interesting as we are now a quarter of a way through the season and marching toward the halfway mark. Let's highlight week 3 in the Exeter Adult Softball League.

  • Crushers Rise to the Top -After splitting the first series of the season against the Mets the Crushers have won 8 straight and are sitting at top of the standings. The 4 consecutives straight EASL champions are still the team to beat.

  • JRF Panthers Finding Ways to Win- It is not always pretty, and they had some help with teams being depleted but the JRF Panthers are currently on a 6-game win streak, with two of those wins, the team winning at the very end. The schedule gets tougher with Gorillas in the Mist and The Mets looming this week.

  • The Lions Pick Up First Wins of the Season - After playing teams really tough for the first 8 games, The Lions picked up their first two wins this past Wednesday vs Gorillas in the Mist and did so in convincing fashion with the one game a 17-5 final.

  • Whiskers Barbershop and Johnny and Hons Slumping - The past week hasn't been kind to Whiskers Barbershop and Johnny and Hons as they both went 0-4 this week and have lost 6 and 7 straight respectfully. With that being said a couple of these games were 1 run losses. I would expect one if not both to pick up a couple wins this week,

Stay tuned for the week 4 recap next week!

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