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Ways to Market your Team

Did you know when you enter a team in the Exeter Adult Softball League you get more than just the ability to play games twice a week and compete for a league championship?

Along with entering a team in the league, you get your on team page on the league website. All that needs to happen is a team individual to be sent an invite to login and have access to the team page. Things each team can do for their team page is update individual stats for the game, add photos, connect to social media pages and more. For a little bit of an upgrade fee the team can add their own domain and create their own custom pages.

I would really encourage teams in our league to take advanatage of this feature in the future. I think it would be really cool one day, for visitors from the community to visit our league page and see each teams players, stats for the season, headshots and a customized page for each team. It would also be cool for each team to create a social media (FB page) that the league could tag when sharing information and highlighting teams.

Little things like this and marketing can really help enhance the experience of a league. Just something to keep in mind for 2023!

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