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Sophia's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

For our third restaurant review we are doing Sophia's Italian Restaurant and Pizzatia in Reading, PA. Like usual, we are not going to rate the restaurant out of 10 or 5 stars, but we will provide our opinion and some informational feedback. We may provide a list of our favorite places at a later date. We will cover the restaurants atmosphere, location, food and price.

Restaurant Name: Sophia's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

Location: 3150 St. Lawrence Ave. Reading, PA 19606

The location is over by the Antietam Valley Shopping Center and post office. It is not by a highway or in remote location but is surrounded by some businesses.

Atmosphere: Very quiet and relaxing atmosphere if dine in. This place does a lot of takeout.

Food: This night I had the Spaghetti and Meatballs, with side salad and garlic bread. Was pretty good and definitely recommend.

Price: While it is not dollar menu type prices, the prices are very reasonable. Get can some good pasta dinner dishes for under around $10.

Overall: If you to take out or dine in for some Italian food in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere with affordable prices this is a place to go.

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