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Should the 76ers Make a Trade Before the Deadline?

As February approaches us, so does the NBA trade deadline. With the NBA expanding the playoffs to 10 teams per conference, with 7-10 seeds playing a mini play in tournament, less teams will be sellers at the deadline. Not to mention the NBA's determination to discourage tanking. Remember the NBA hates "The Process". With all this said, the 76ers don't have many trade options to try and improve the team before the deadline. The 76ers are playing well, currently won 6 straight and are in 2nd place in the East. They also know if they can improve the team they have to take advantage of it, as their competitors are sure to be actively looking to improve their rosters. The other thing working against the 76ers is they don't have much trade value. They traded much of their future draft picks and the only young player they have they may be willing to trade that has some value is Mattise Thybulle. With that being said, it remains to be seen if what you get in return for Mattise is worth it, not to mention you lose one of the leagues best defenders, which could come in handy during the playoffs. My best guess is the 76ers don't make any trades at the deadlines or a very minimal move.

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