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Post Malone Drops new single “Chemical”

Per Rollingstone, Less than a year after Post Malonedropped his Twelve Carat Toothache, he’s back with a new single dubbed “Chemical.”

The accompanying music video features Malone alone in different settings, from the front seat of his car smoking to a fake background of a beach. “Outside of the party smoking in the car with you/Seven nation army fighting at the bar with you,” sings the artist for the chorus. “Tell you that I’m sorry/Tell me what I gotta do/Cuz I can’t let go. It’s chemical.”

“A big cheers to all my big special gamers out there,” Malone wrote on social mediaThursday alongside a snippet of “Chemical” ahead of the single’s arrival.

“Chemical” marks Malone’s first solo music since Twelve Carat Toothachearrived in July 2022; since then, the usually prolific artist has only guested on one song, YG’s “Sober” alongside Roddy Ricch.

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