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Meet the 2023 Team: Antoni Gonzalez

It's the time of the year were we introduce you to the JRF Panthers team! Today we introduce Antoni Gonzalez!

Name: Antoni Gonzalez

Nickname: Blu

Position: Utility (Catcher and Outfield)

Number: 21

Years on the team: 1 year

What would be your walk up song if could have one?

Dreams and Nightmares - Meek Mill

Beer or drink of choice during the game?


Favorite MLB, Minor League or college baseball team?

Roberto Clemente

What do you like to do outside softball?

Go to the beach

Favorite thing about the JRF Panthers team?


What was your previous experience before playing adult softball? (Little league, high school, legion, college)

High School Baseball

Advice to future JRF or softball players?

Drink more beer

Favorite quote?

"Don't judge a book by its cover"

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