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Meet Rising Gaming Star Tyler Miccicke

Tyler Miccicke is a Leesport, PA Native and Schuylkill Valley Graduate. Known for his great sense of humor, Tyler is also starting to make a name for himself in the gaming world. He has already partnered with Glytch Energy drinks and continues to gain followers along the way.

At Black and Pink Media, we were able to catch up with the young rising star to see what inspired him to take the gaming route seriously, see what his future plans were and where we can find him in action.

Tell us A Little About Yourself...

I grew up in Leesport and graduated from Schuylkill Valley High School. Outside of gaming, I play recreational softball and hang out a lot with family and friends.

When Did you First Start Falling in Love with Gaming?

It was "Modern Warfare 3" that made me love gaming and competitive gaming. It is still my favorite Call of Duty title of all time.

When Did you Start Taking Gaming Seriously?

I’ve been streaming for about 4 years but about a year ago I was approached about playing for a professional team and ended up getting a tryout for NRC.

What are the Games you Typically Play?

Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and Halo as shooters and then I play a lot of RPG (role playing games) like Dark Siders, Dead Island, Dark Souls, Dying Light and Left 4 Dead. Some of them are Co-op but when I can play by myself I truly enjoy myself more.

How can People Watch you Game?

I stream on Twitch. Although it’s mostly weekends only I occasionally drop a stream on a weeknight.

What are Your Future Goals for Gaming?

My future goal is to be a pretty big name streamer and competitive gamer. I want to be someone people talk about around lunch tables or in car rides. The thing that really keeps me going is proving everyone I can hang at this level and make it clear that I am the real deal.

What Advice Would you Give to Kids Who Want to Take Gaming Seriously as They Get Older?

Some may take it wrong but the truth is don’t be arrogant or cocky. There’s always going to be someone better than you, but that’s the beautiful thing about gaming. There’s so many platforms and genres people always want to watch, so if you don’t fit in in one place there may be a home for you in another! As long as you keep pushing for what you want and put out a positive energy that attracts the right people then you’ll be ahead of the curve!

Thank you, Tyler us learn more about you. We look forward to watching you continue to grow and succeed here at the Black and Pink Nation and excited to promote your talents. Can't wait to see what other partnerships you land next.

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