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Maybe the Eagles are Just Really, Really Good

In one week the Philadelphia Eagles will be playing in the Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs and former head coach Andy Reid. Despite making the Super Bowl, the Eagles have many critics. They have been accused of not playing anyone good. However, according to history, the Eagles actually have played a pretty hard schedule. As shown below in a tweet by Reuben Frank of NBC Sports Philadelphia, the Eagles are tied for first in NFL history for wins over teams with winning records in a season. So maybe it's not that the Eagles haven't played any good teams but more there is very little teams in the NFL this year at the talent level the Eagles are. Hopefully, the Eagles can shut up all the critics on February 12th. By doing so, they would win their 2nd Super Bowl in franchise history and 2nd in the last 6 years. They would also completely hold the single season record in NFL history for most wins over teams with winning records in one season. Proving they did in fact play good teams and it wasn't a cupcake schedule .

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