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JRF Panthers Unveil New 2021 Uni’s Design

Today the JRF Panthers Softball Organization revealed their new jersey design. The design is very similar to the current jersey’s with some minor tweaks. The biggest difference is the logo on the front of the jersey as it has the JRF Panthers new logo just created this year. On the back the font and pink panther cartoon stay the same. One difference is instead of saying “Panthers” it will be listing the players name of their choice. On the sleeves it will have the “I Bleed Black and Pink” saying. The colors scheme stays the same with just a different variation.

Overall, the reaction to the jerseys seems to be positive. As stated by outfielder Anthony Desantis “I dig em” and assistant coach John Cassady (Big John) thinks they are cool. Let’s just hope the jerseys are a cool as the 2021 season is going to be for the team. Tell us what you think of the jerseys in the poll below.

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