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JRF Panthers Highlights of 2022

As we soon enter 2023, we look back on some of the highlights for the JRF Panthers in 2022!

1.) New Teammates - The JRF Panthers welcomed some awesome people in Dillon Kissinger, John Grimes and Patrick Devine to the team in 2022.

2.) Welcome Back Old Teammates- Whether it was due to work scheduling, moving or unfortunate situations, there was some players who couldn't play much in the past couple years but made their way back this year. It was great to have Guy Porr, Kris Schwambach, Kevin Noll, Joe Seltzer and Anthony Desantis (despite considering retirement) all back in 2022. All Exeter Alumni.

3.) Walk off Wins vs Whiskers Barbershop and The Mets - Lots of exciting games this season including a last inning go ahead home run vs Whiskers by Joe Seltzer and a walk off win vs The Mets.

4.) New Pitcher - We found a Guy! Guy Porr became a big piece to the season with his ability to pitch for the team.

5.) Playoff Win vs KNB - There was some early season drama with KNB stealing almost half of JRF players before the season. JRF had the final say in eliminating KNB in the playoffs.

There was many more highlights as well but these are just 5. Looking forward to another great season in 2023!

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