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JRF Panthers Gets New Logo And More

The JRF Panthers 2020 season did not go the way it had hoped for. With a season cut short due to Covid-19, the team ended up finishing 4th when they expected to finish top 3. The previous season they made it to the championship before falling in defeat.

If 2021 is a sign, it looks as if the team could be off to a promising start. The team two days ago just introduced its new logo. The team recently just partnered with the start up company Black and Pink Media. Black and Pink Media will now give the JRF Panthers the ability to sell team merchandise online, as well as provide articles about the team year long. Black and Pink Media also hopes to provide the team with more videos and a new website in the future. However, this may not be until 2022. What is known now is that the JRF Panthers will also be featured in the Black and Pink Media “Long Overdue” Mixtape expected to drop late in 2021 and will be featured in a book being released in 2022 titled “Black and Pink: More Than Just Colors”.

Things are looking bright for the JRF Panthers future off the field. Let’s hope this also translates to success on the field come late spring when the season starts! To Learn more about the JRF Panthers visit

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