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JRF Looking to Take Next Step As Season Moves Along

Sitting at second place in the league at 9-5, you could say the JRF Panthers would be satisfied but that is not the case. The team is trying to figure out a way to take the next step, which is championship aspirations.

So far the season has been a roller coaster ride. The two lows were 20 run losses to Keith kemp and Whiskers Barber Shop but there were high such as a 4 game and 3 game winning streak and a 13-12 close loss to undefeated Crushers.

As for the individuals, Eric Nester leads the team in home runs with 3, Jeff Miccicke leads the team with 11 RBI and Matt Bryan leads the team with .750 batting average. While these leaders may change as more games are played, one thing is clear with a full squad the JRF Panthers have the talent to do something special the question is can they get a full squad and a full well played game when it counts. I guess we will find out in August.

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