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JRF Currently In a Slump. Will They Get out of it Before Playoffs

What a difference a week makes. Just a week ago, the Panthers where 15-8 and in second place in the league. After 4 straight losses, 2 of which were by more then 12 runs it is safe to say the JRF Panthers are in a funk. The current slide has sent them into 4th place in the league currently.

While the #2 seed is still in reach if the Panthers can finish strong and get some help from other teams, the most important thing while finishing up the regular season is for the team to find their mojo back.

You could make plenty of excuses for why the team has struggled the past 4 games. The team has been hit hard for injuries, players missing games due to jobs and other requirements. But at the end of the day, the team has to learn not to start timely hitting, not make fundamental mistakes that hurt themselves. Hopefully the last 4 games the team can regain their mojo. If the Panthers get hot at the right time heading into playoffs, you never know what could happen. To learn more about the team visit

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