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Join the 2023 Squad

The JRF Panthers team has been around for over a decade, and nothing would mean more than winning the teams for EASL league title. The team has a solid core of guys, made up mostly of Exeter grads that have played with one another for a while. The team isn't looking to add too many players but just about 3-4 difference makers that could help put the team over the hump. If you think you have what it takes and are interested, you can sign up at the link below or go the team site and click on "Sign up to play". Once you registered, we will contact with some more info.

What is cool about playing for the JRF Panthers. Well it is mostly a laid back group of individuals. The team has its own site, keeps stats, and votes on end of season awards. It has its own merch, and starting this year will have its own player cards (print and digital) and sell personal jerseys online. The players will make part of any profit of their name from jersey or card sales.

So, if your interested you can sign up at the link below and will see if you're a good fit. See what the black and pink noise is all about.

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