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Giovanni Negron-Garcia Inspires Others with His Book

Giovanni Negron-Garcia is a Reading, PA native and Kutztown University graduate. At the end of February, he published his first book "Passion, Purpose and the Pursuit of Happiness". The book has immediately received great reviews.

Per one of the reviews on Amazon, it stated "This book Truly hit home as a 36-year veteran in the field of health and fitness this journey that Geo took is truly inspirational! I have been in the business I fitness coaching with UFC athlete and This story goes above what some of my fighters went through! In my mind if you don’t read this you are short changing yourself and others around you! -Coach Kevin Kearns"

At Black and Pink Media, we were able to catch up with the young rising star to see what inspired him to write this inspirational book, see what his future plans were and where we can find more of his work.

For Those That Don't Know You Could You Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself?

My name is Giovanni Negron-Garcia. I grew up in Reading, PA and graduated from Kutztown University of PA with my BA in Communication Studies. I currently attend Indiana University of PA for my master’s degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education. I am a life coach, speaker, and bestselling author. My hobbies consist of writing, professional wrestling, and cooking.

When Did You First Realize You Wanted to Write a Book?

I first realized I wanted to write a book when I officially hit the 200lbs weigh loss mark. I realized my story has made an impact on those following my journey and I felt it was time for me to share how I found my passion, purpose, and happiness again.

Did You Ever Dream of Writing a Book as a Young Kid?

Yes, but I did not believe it was going to happen.

Do You Have Any Plans of Writing Any More Books?

Yes, I am currently working on my next book.

What is the Title of Your Most Recent Book? What is it About and What Makes it Unique?

“Passion, Purpose, and the Pursuit of Happiness “. What makes it unique is that it serves as a guide for your growth and development. It is designed for anyone to enjoy and it encourages you to pair up with someone to complete the journey. My book makes sure you never feel alone or out of place in the world.

Where Can We Find Your Work?

What Advice Would You Give to Young Kids that Dream of Publishing a Book?

Go for it and don’t be worried if the book will be successful. Your supporters will show up and your legacy will be established with the work you put out into the world.

Thank you, Giovanni, for letting us learn more about you. We look forward to watching you continue to grow and succeed here at the Black and Pink Nation.

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