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Forever Impactful Organization

Forever Impactful Organization, is a non-profit organization starting in 2022 by Derek Evans. Derek Evans who has been hosting charity events for the past 5 years, has decided to start his own non-profit to do his charity work. ‘It makes the process easier and allows for more control on where everything is going”. Stated Derek.

The non-profit when hosting charity events and donations will use the funds to give back to other non-profits (Similar to a United Way), highlight individuals in the community and their annual Josh Brown Scholarship Fund, which they hope to get off the ground still for this school year.

Forever Impactful Organization is hosting two events this Summer. A home run derby and a Breast Cancer Bash Slow-pitch- Softball tournament with the funds used to help breast cancer in a variety of ways. To learn more about the Forever Impactful Organization you can check ou their site at

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