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Derek Evans Set to Release Debut Album “Redemption” in Late 2022.

In July Derek Evans released his first single “Warrior”. Ever since then he has been asked by friends and family if he will continue to make music. The answer is Yes, and he hopes the album will debut before the end of the year!

According to Derek, he has been writing off and on and already has 5 or 6 songs that have been sent to him from artists with hooks, verses and choruses for him to work and collab with. The album was originally supposed to be named “Full Moon” but has recently changed. When Derek was asked about his recent album name change, here was his response, “2021 was a wild year for me personally. I hit rock bottom mentally, some things were out of my control and some things were my fault. I look at 2022 as a year of redemption. A year to redeem myself and to take back what is mine as the lyrics in my song “warrior” say. This is why I decided to name the album Redemption.

Derek only plans to release one more single off the album on the near future and will let the rest of the tracks be a surprise. The albums artwork features the colors black and pink and will be released with the help of Black and Pink Media. Our company is excited to work on this project.

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