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Updated: Jul 25, 2022

For our seventh restaurant review we are doing Chili’s in Reading, PA. Like usual, we are not going to rate the restaurant out of 10 or 5 stars, but we will provide our opinion and some informational feedback. We may provide a list of our favorite places at a later date. We will cover the restaurants atmosphere, location, food and price.

Restaurant Name: Chili’s

Location: 2745 Papermill Road, Reading, PA 19610

The location is in Wyomissing near a populated shopping center.

Atmosphere: Very chain like atmosphere. Does have a nice bar area for a chain.

Food: This night I had the mango Chile chicken with broccoli and Mexican rice: The food was good.

Price: Overall the prices are very reasonable. You can do 2 for $25 where you can two mango chicken Chile like meals with either an appetizer, two side salads and choice of desert for $25.

Overall: If you are hungry for a chain food restaurant with reasonable prices this is A place to check out.

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