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Breast Cancer Bash Recap

This past Saturday, 7 teams took part in the Breast Cancer Bash in Exeter Township. They hit and went all out on the field to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. The tournament started at 9am and went until the Sun started to set on the October evening. There was T-shirts for sale and trophies and an MVP award involved. Players could get a free pink breast cancer bracelet if they elected.

The Final standings were:

Group A:

1.) Savage 5-0 (1st Place)

2.) Johnny and Hons 2-2 (Tied 3rd place)

3.) JRF Panthers (6th Place)

4.) No Team (Last place)

Group B:

1.) DDST 3-2 (2nd Place)

2.) MST 2-2 (Tied 3rd Place)

3.) The Titans 2-1 (5th Place *Elimimated after pool play due to run differential tiebreaker)

4.) Crushers 0-3 (7th Place)

Tom Joyce was the tournament MVP. T-shirts will be on sale on Forever Impactful website to continue to raise money for the cause as well as bracelet's.

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