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Ball For Brizz A Success

You could not have asked for better weather! It was sunny but not too hot nor too cold. The teams rolled in ready to play ball in honor of Joshua Wayne Anthony Brown. Throughout the games and day, refreshments, food, t-shirts and raffles were sold and music was played. The umps volunteered and for the most part the teams got along and did not give the umps too much of a hard time. The volunteers were great, Joshua’s mom made an appearance and sponsor banners from various local businesses hung throughout the field including a banner in honor of Josh himself. At the end of the tournament the top 3 teams got to take home trophies. 3rd place was Knuckleheads, 2nd Place was ECA and 1st Place was Crushers. Overall, it was a great day to honor a great friend. Brizz you are gone but not forgotten. On August 22nd we will honor you with the basketball portion. Check below to view photos of the tourney.

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