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Author Derek Evans Releases 2nd Edition of “So Close to Death Yet So Far Away”

Derek Evans book “So Close to Death Yet So Far Away” was originally published on March 29, 2017. Almost 5 years later and the 2nd edition has just been released. So, what makes the 2nd edition different from the first?

According to Derek, do not expect too much of a big difference. “For the most part all the content stayed the same. The message of the book was still the same. What was added was updated information I have learned over the past 5 years. I also updated my current career information. The book was then re-edited and cleaned up, and there is a new cover.” Though little changes, Derek feels these will help make a huge difference in the success of his book.

“It overall gives me confidence in promoting it again now that I know it is updated and cleaned up a little better. It was a hard decision to remove some of the wording from the individuals sharing their stories. I felt raw emotion was good but making sure the book has no profanity in it allows me to market it more to school and places that market book for those under 18. The change of the cover will give it more of a professional appearance. Also, I’m excited about the hard book cover.”

That is true. The 2nd edition of “So Close to Death, Yet So Far Away”, will be available as a hard book cover, as well as paperback, kindle (Ebook) and Audible version. You can check out the 2nd edition of “So Close to Death, Yet So Far Away by clicking below.

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