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3 Reasons the 76ers Should Keep Matisse Thybulle

It is no secret the 76ers, have been rumored to have been actively shopping Matisse Thybulle. With that said, they are not going to give him away for free and with good reason. In fact, I believe the team would be better served to start the season Matisse Thybulle and wait on a decision to trade him at the deadline. Here are 3 reasons why.

1. He is Young - Matisse Thybulle is still young enough that he can improve his shot. He is no older and on the decline. The team could look back on trading Thybulle and regret it if he develops a more confident stroke from beyond the arch this season.

2. He Played Better Under Harden - If you do your research, you will find Matisse shot up to almost 37 percent from corner threes with Harden in the lineup. Under a full off season and potential season together let's see if thus improves and leads to a more confident Matisse in the Playoffs.

3. Who Else Are You Going to Get - The 76ers are in win now mode and unless you can find a wing you has a better shot from 3 than Thybulle without losing too much athleticism or defense, you might as well hang on to him.

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