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2022 Season Preview

The 2022 season has just started, and it looks to be competitive season among all 8 teams. Will see if Crushers can defend their title for a 5th season in a row. Below we highlight each team in alphabetical order.

  1. Crushers- They are looking to defend their 5th league title this year. Lost a couple players to other teams but reloaded with some new players. League favorite until someone beats them in end of the year tourney. Return All-Stars Robert Ash and Joey Filippini Jr.

2. Gorillas in the Mist- A new team that has some talented players including former JRF Panther Tyler Seltzer and new incoming pitcher Ed Sasek. Will be a tough out and can compete for title.

3. Johnny and Hons - Won the league title in 2017 and still has the same core. A veteran team that has played a lot of softball which means they always have a chance.

Returns All-Star Keith Price and Cy Young Award Winner Alonzo Fenner.

4. JRF Panthers - Return All-Stars Derek Wolfe, Matt Bryan and Jordan Gottshall but are losing some other key players that they hope to replace with some new faces brought in this season. They have some pieces to contend but currently lack depth especially in the outfield if lose any players.

5. KNB - A new team that has some solid players and is coached by Rick Evans. Another solid team that will be a tough out and give teams some trouble.

6. The Lions - A new team has won championships in the Berks Church League. It should be interesting to see how The Lions adapt to the challenge of playing in a new league. A solid team and you can never count out a team that has won championships before.

7. The Mets - Another solid team that can compete for a title. They bring on board All-Star Danny Clemente from Crushers as well as Juju Clemente. Will be a tough out.

8. Whiskers Barber Shop - A team that is on the rise. They return most of their core from last year including All-Star Ruben Izzaray. They added Shawn Snyder and Nick Hoffman in the off-season.

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